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Due to the confidential nature of our activities we rarely issue press releases. In general we only declare our activities when they are reported independently by third parties.



December 2010: Elucidare completes technology transfer assignment for Durham University

Elucidare is pleased to announce the successful completion of a market assessment and technology transfer assignment for Durham University.

Commissioned by Michael Bath, Technology Transfer Manager at Durham's Research Commercialisation Office, the study identified and analysed commercial opportunities for an integrated circuit self-restoration technique invented by Durham researchers.

"We were delighted to introduce Durham to our contacts within the microelectronics, defence, aerospace and medical device sectors", said Dr David Nugent, Elucidare co-founder and CEO. "The trend towards finer CMOS geometries will become problematic for ICs operating at high altitudes due to increased rates of radiation damage. The Durham design offers a unique method to restore data integrity, regardless of the cause or extent of memory cell upsets."

Michael Bath added, "David has been exceptionally easy to work with. He has provided intelligent insights into a complicated market, presenting the information clearly and impartially. His work allowed Durham's Research Commercialisation Office to save time and more clearly understand the true commercial potential of the technology."

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December 2010: Elucidare completes due diligence for £1 million cleantech investment

Elucidare is pleased to confirm that it was retained by investors to conduct an independent assessment of the energy management technology development by SenseLogix Limited.

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May 2010: Elucidare commissioned to write blog ahead of CLEO congress

Elucidare is proud to announce that it has been commissioned by the Optical Society of America to write a blog ahead of the CLEO/QELS 2010 congress later this month. This appointment reflects our deep understanding of next-generation technologies emerging from the leading academic and corporate laboratories around the world.

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April 2010: Elucidare publishes Innovation Brief on single photon sources in quantum computing

To celebrate the 50 year anniversary of the invention of the laser, Elucidare has published an Innovation Brief highlighting the technological challenges facing the realisation of single-photon sources. Somewhat ironically, these building blocks of quantum computing and quantum cryptography are the technological antithesis of the multi-photon phenomenon demonstrated by Theodore H. Maiman in May 1960.

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September 2009: Elucidare outlook on photonics investments

Dr Nugent, Elucidare founder and CEO, contributes an article to the Institute of Physics on the investment outlook on the photonics sector. In this he offers some guidance to optoelectronic innovators seeking early stage funding.

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August 2009: Elucidare opens new office on prestigious Cambridge Business Park

Elucidare announces that it has opened a larger office on the prestigious Cambridge Business Park. This move is in response to accelerated demand for its scientific, commercial and investment advisory services, and anticipates further expansion of the research team during 2010.

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February 2008: Elucidare invited to give speech at inaugural Clean Equity conference in Monaco

Dr Nugent Nugent, Elucidare founder and CEO, will be delivering a speech the CleanEquity Monaco conference later this month. He will discuss the use of ammonia as a carbonless hydrogen carrier for automotive propulsion. Attended by Prince Albert II of Monaco himself, this prestigious event will present the latest in renewable technologies and investment opportunities accordingly. A copy of Dr Nugent's presentation is available on request.

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January 2008: Elucidare published white paper on role of ammonia as carbon-free fuel

The idea of using ammonia (NH3) as a hydrogen carrier or direct gasoline replacement has been discussed for over 70 years. However, with concerns regarding global warming intensifying, and few signs of a practical hydrogen solution on the horizon, it seems appropriate to revisit this carbon-free substance as a possible alternative fuel. This White Paper discusses how ammonia — not for the first time — may provide a solution to a global energy crisis: the safe and efficient transportation of hydrogen. Instead of using ammonia to fix and convey atmospheric nitrogen, renewably produced hydrogen can be transported in the form of NH3. Alternatively, ammonia can be burnt directly in a modified spark ignition engine. Since it contains no carbon this would result in zero tailpipe emissions.

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June 2007: Elucidare commissioned to write independent assessment of Active RFID systems

Elucidare has been commissioned by RFTRAQ Limited to produce an independent assessment of its Active RFID systems. RFTRAQ is a UK-based technology company specialising in delivering practical end to end solutions in industrial environments aimed at improving business KPI’s, or Key Performance Indicators, to drive very significant savings for its clients.

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