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our proposition

our proposition

Elucidare provides a unique blend of forensic scientific insight, commercial due diligence, and investment experience.

Business model

Our business model is flexible and can be adapted to suit the resources and objectives of individual clients. Depending on the purpose and circumstances of the assignments we can be remunerated in equity, options, royalties, or a combination of all three. These can be paid as monthly retainers, per-assignment fixed fees, or on a success basis.

Market diversity

Early-stage technology companies rarely find success where they originally expected. Likewise they are often oblivious to commercial risks emerging from neighboring markets. Operating across the entire technology spectrum, we spot non-obvious risks and opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors alike.

Scientific investors

To the best of our knowledge we are the only company in the UK (and possibly Europe) that can provide seamless advice across the entire innovation and investment chain, from Intellectual Property creation to fund raising and trade sale or IPO.


Our founder, David Nugent, has a rare combination of scientific and investment skills. He gained his PhD from Cambridge University and soon became the highest ranked investment analyst in the London Stock Market (source: Reuters annual analysts rankings).